1)  How Long has CK Collectibles been in business?

– CK Collectibles has been buying, selling, and trading modern collectibles since 2001.  However, the website was

launched in June of 2014.


2)  Does CK Collectibles do appraisals?

– Unfortunately, we are not certified/legally able to perform appraisals.  Even though we have a strong knowledge

of the value of modern collectibles, we are not affiliated with any toy grading authorities.


3)  Will CK Collectibles buy my unwanted collectibles?

– Yes!  Anyone is free to send us photos or lists of any unwanted collectibles you might have.  We are always

looking for new items to purchase.  We pride ourselves in making fair offers for your unwanted items.


4)  Can CK Collectibles locate an item I am looking to purchase?

– Yes!  Please contact us with any items you are looking to purchase.  We love hunting for items and almost always

find what we are looking for.  There will be a service charge for us locating the item.  We charge a 10% fee for

locating an item for you.  We also ask that you have a price pre-determined that you are willing to spend on

any item.  Contact us directly for further information.


5) Is CK Collectibles affiliated with any other company, specifically the ones contained within

   the logos on the CK Collectibles website?

– No. CK Collectibles is an independent company that is not affiliated with any other group(s). See the Disclaimer

in the ‘About Us’ section of the CK Collectibles website.