Our goal is to become the web’s number one source for collectibles and general collecting information. We want to be the place where collectors of all sorts can come and join a community of like-minded individuals. Of course, this isn’t going to happen overnight. We have a lot of work to do!! At this point we are going to focus on modern collectibles (1970 – Present). The CK COLLECTIBLES team is a group of friends and collectors. We want to share our passion and knowledge of collectibles with each of you. We are also going to cover a wide range of collectibles for purchase. These items may be from our own personal collections or perhaps items that will be sourced from our vast contact list in the collecting world. In order to better educate you and provide you with great items for your own collection, we are always looking for things to buy. Please feel free to contact us with what you might have to share/sell. We love to buy, sell, & trade items. We pride ourselves in offering a no pressure – fair price environment. We understand we can’t make a deal on everything offered to us and so should you.

Our passion for providing collectibles/collecting education to the general public started in 2012 when Craig and I became partners in an online eBay store. We each had collecting experience and we are each experts in certain fields. Craig has been collecting sports related items his entire life. Some of his personal collectibles include baseball gloves, baseball bats, other various sports equipment, sports cards and miniature-stadium/ballpark replicas. As for myself, I have been a long time collector of toys, specifically action figures. My action figure collecting passions include, but are not limited to, Star Wars and He-Man. I have been collecting Star Wars items since 1995.

We hope our Blog section will provide new and old collectors alike with information about collecting. Craig and I have both spent years learning and educating ourselves in the world of collectibles. Craig has a knowledge of baseball items that is unmatched. He can spot a collectible vintage baseball glove a mile away.   I am pretty much a collecting nerd. I bury myself in books and websites that explain grading systems, rarities and toy lines. I have truly enjoyed learning the world of Star Wars.

We invite any and all questions and requests. Even if you ask a question that we don’t immediately have the answer to, we will enjoy the experience of finding an answer and getting back to you. If your question is unique enough, we will post it on the website for everyone to see. (With your approval, of course) We also love tracking down unique items for clients. Are you looking for a specific piece for your collection? Are you having trouble finding it? Please, contact us. We will do our best to find what you are looking for. Yes, we may charge a “finder’s fee” for those unique, hard-to-find items, but we also do all the leg-work for you. I assure you, it’ll be worth it. Contact us anytime.

We welcome a good critique. If you find something that is not accurate on our website, please tell us about it. We certainly make mistakes. We want our website to be as accurate, informative and useful as possible. We are going to need your help to achieve that. Also, if you feel you have information that you would like to put / use on our website, contact us. We would be glad to interview you or post your written articles, pictures and/or blog posts. And yes, we will certainly give you credit for any and all of your information.


Craig and Kevan

Happy Collecting!




My name is Kevan. I was born and raised in a small town in Pennsylvania called Lower Burrell. It’s a tight-knit suburb north of Pittsburgh where everyone knows everyone else. My childhood was as average any other suburbanite. I went to a small high school, played a few sports and hung out with a group of friends I still have. I went onto College and have been in sales ever since. I am married to my wonderful wife, Carmen.

When I was about 10 years old my grandfather started taking me to flea markets. He loved flea markets and enjoyed looking at “other people’s junk” as he used to say. Being 10 years old, of course I wanted to buy something every time we went to a flea market together. There was a constant battle about how much stuff I could buy every weekend! By the time I was 15 years old I was a huge Star Wars fan. I began buying random pieces of Star Wars collectible at the flea markets. As the years went by, I realized I had amassed quite a few Star Wars items and I decided to start actively collecting Star Wars Pieces. At this moment, my personal collection consists of over 1,200 items spread across two houses and countless boxes. Needless to say, I am pretty sure my wife would like me to sell all of it and free up more space in our basement!

At this point I have been collecting / buying / selling since 1995. As I stated above my main personal collection comprises of mostly Star Wars items. I guess you could call me a Star Wars “geek”. I would consider myself an expert in Star Wars and Star Wars collectibles. However, my love of collecting eventually led me to realize that I could start a business of buying and selling collectibles. So, in 2001 that’s what I did. I started buying items for the purpose of re-selling them. Over the years, I have become well versed in many areas of modern collectibles (1970 – Present). I now understand the value and collectability of Action Figures, Video Gaming Items, Bobble Heads and more. My main goal is buy things at the right price and resell them at a fair and reasonable price. I pride myself on a no pressure / fair pricing system. If you have something to sell, I’ll offer you a fair price. If we can make a deal that’s great, if we can’t that’s fine as well. It’s very important to me to be fair with my pricing.

In 2012 I partnered with a co-worker (Craig) and we started an eBay store using Craig’s personal account. We instantly realized we both had a true passion for buying and selling and we have been maintaining our eBay seller account ever since. We have now decided that our product knowledge and inventory would be better suited for an actual website. Thus, CKCollectibles.com has been born. Our website will be dedicated to buying / selling / trading modern collectibles and providing knowledge of the collectibles market to anyone who visits our website. Please feel free to read the articles we have posted, look at and purchase the items we have for sale and of course, contact us with anything you might have for sale. We are always looking for new inventory and a good story about how you got an item and why you want to sell it!



Born in Florida, raised in Aruba and Texas, and now living in Pennsylvania, I have been afforded many opportunities to view, collect, and remember items from all over the world. It wasn’t until recently, however, that I was convinced I should research and discover the worth of said items. The convincing that took place came in the influential form of my co-worker/friend, Kevan. Since Kevan shared his knowledge of collectibles with me, I decided that it might be a good idea to put my two cents in and just go with it.  With the permission of my adoring wife and two beautiful children, I was afforded the opportunity to open up my basement for our ever-growing inventory. I sold a few items here and there on eBay but never really thought that my collection of various sports-related items would be worth anything.  Well, low and behold my hoarding of sports cards, autographed memorabilia, and the like have afforded me the opportunity to start my small business with Mr. Kevan. As avid yard-sale’ers, flea marketeers, and internet perusal artists, Kevan and I will go to the greatest of lengths to help you build or add to your already existing collection(s). Although our areas of expertise may lie in the sports and toys/games arena, we will never limit ourselves to just these. Trust in our abilities as experienced veterans of the collectible world and you will soon see that CK Collectibles is the premiere place for all your collecting needs.







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