Masters of the Universe News

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2014 has been a great year for the Masters of the Universe crowd.  We have seen the release of 12 new action figures so far.  The releases have been part of the “Masters of the Universe Classics” line of figures.  The Classics line began in August of 2008 and will continue at least through 2015.  Many of the original wave of figures have been re-released as part of the Classics line.  So far, in 2014, we have seen the release of Two Bad (1/15/14), Glimmer (2/17/14), Modulok (2/15/14), Hydron (3/17/14), unnamed one (3/17/14), Blade (4/15/14), Scorpia (5/15/14), Battle Lion (5/15/14), Extender (6/16/14), Flogg (7/15/14), Double Mischief (7/15/14) and Etheria Invasion Hordak & Imp (7/24/14).  What?…..You don’t recognize all the names?  Well, unless you are a truly avid follower of Masters of the Universe, you probably won’t know all the names.  There are four action figure releases (so far) this year that are new, never before seen figures!  I’m not going to tell you which figures are first time releases, as part of the fun of collecting is seeking out information and making discoveries.  However, at this point, it would appear there are at least six additional action figures slated for release before the end of the year.  This  is certainly good news for collectors as it shows there is still a big interest in Masters of the Universe collectibles!  Happy Collecting!

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